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Job Interview Preparation & Other Career Services 

Your resume and cover letter are designed to get you the interview. Once you land interviews, performing well in those job interviews is the next key component of your successful search. ResumeSOS’s career transition coaches employ a well-established process to help you prepare. 

In addition, ResumeSOS offers a range of other career transition services to help you plan a strategy that will lead to your career success.

Are You Ready for the Interview?

Job interview styles and questions are designed to probe into your personality and behavior, not just your qualifications. It can cost an employer thousands of dollars to recruit, hire, and train a good employee. As a result, many employers have adopted a more rigorous approach to selecting and hiring employees which may include a more in-depth interviewing process.


The Three-Step Program

ResumeSOS offers a three-step program that prepares you to make that strong first impression and positions you to move forward in the hiring process.

Step One is a pre-interview, one-to-one coaching session where you can discuss any concerns you have, talk about what to expect in a typical job interview, and practice answering some of the common (and toughest) interview questions. Included with this session is a FREE copy of ResumeSOS Managing Partner Arnie Boldt’s book, No-Nonsense Job Interviews, which offers practical, straightforward advice on how to prepare for your interview.

Step Two is a simulated job interview with a member of our team who has years of experience interviewing and hiring employees for a variety of positions. This “roleplay” scenario is designed to emulate a real-life interview as closely as possible. Depending on your specific needs, we can arrange an in-person interview or a Zoom meeting (either of which will be video recorded), or a telephone interview, as may be appropriate (also recorded).

Step Three is a debrief with your interview coach. You and the coach will review the recording, identify any specific areas for improvement, and discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding the simulated interview. At the end of this session, you should feel much more confident about taking on a real interview with a real job opportunity on the line.

Give yourself an advantage over the competition. Let us help you succeed in your job interviews and land a great job that you'll find both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Career Coaching / Counseling:

ResumeSOS has experienced coaches on our team who can help you develop strategies for success however you choose to define it: whether it's advancing toward finding your next job, achieving greater career satisfaction where you are now, or something else:

  • Discover and draw upon resources within you to propel yourself forward.
  • Gain insights about obstacles that prevent your progress.
  • Work through internal blocks that interfere with achieving what you most want.

Other areas where ResumeSOS career transition coaches can offer assistance:

  • Networking Strategies
  • Negotiating the Job Offer
  • Electronic Job Search Strategies
  • Developing a Professional Portfolio
  • Developing Success Stories
  • Perfecting Your Elevator Speech
  • Coaching for a Specific Job Interview
  • Getting Past No ~ Dealing With Rejection 

 E-Mail & Direct Mail Campaigns to Recruiters & Employers

Through our affiliate partners, ResumeSOS can access databases with the contact information for decision-makers at recruiting firms and/or leaders in your industry. Through e-mail campaigns or traditional direct mail (as appropriate), we help you get your documents in front of the right people.

Workshops & Seminars

Managing Partner and published author, Arnie Boldt, has delivered a range of workshops and seminars to a wide array of audiences, including college students, blue-collar workers, and mid-career professionals. Topics discussed have included creating a winning resume, preparing for job interviews, job search strategies in a shifting economy, and more

If you would like Arnie to speak to your group, please contact us for details:

Career Assessments:

ResumeSOS is an Authorized DISC Administrator and can offer the DISC Assessment to individuals and groups. Candidates receive an easy-to-complete survey and follow up with one ResumeSOS’s career coaches to interpret the results and identify possible next steps, which may include resume development, additional coaching and counseling, or other career transition services appropriate for you.

Contact us for details: 

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