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Make a Good First Impression 

 The first impression you make with your resume is a huge factor in determining whether you get an interview. In today's market, you need a resume that is accomplishment-focused and designed to clearly communicate your unique value to prospective employers.

Gain a Competitive Edge

No-Nonsense Books

Our no-nonsense approach cuts through all the confusion and hype to help you achieve that vital competitive edge. A ResumeSOS professionally certified and award-winning writer will create a unique and compelling document to help you reach your goal: thriving in a career that you love.

Our proven resume development process includes:

  • You meet with a Certified Professional Resume Writer (virtually or in person) to gather all the necessary information;
  • Your writer prepares a draft resume and prototype cover letter for your review (see below for more on cover letters);
  • Your writer consults with you to make any necessary revisions or changes to ensure that you have documents that appropriately market your skills and portray your unique value to an employer;
  • ResumeSOS provides you with all the documents we create in electronic form (MS Word / PDF). A small number of printed copies are available on request.
  • ResumeSOS permanently stores your files in our archives for future access. Whether it’s six months or 10 years, when it’s time for an update, for nominal fees we can refresh your documents to reflect any changes that may have occurred.

Your resume will be both accomplishment-focused and optimized for ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) systems. Contact ResumeSOS for a free, no-obligation critique of your existing resume along with a price quote for the services we recommend.

 Cover Letters

Think of your cover letter and resume as a vital component of an ad for a highly specialized product: you! ResumeSOS is here to create a document that truly captures your ability, personality, and goals. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Do You Still Need a Cover Letter?

A targeted cover letter sets you apart from the competition by highlighting how your unique capabilities directly relate to the prospective employer’s specific needs. Think of your cover letter as a powerful introduction to your resume, helping the hiring authority quickly identify your abilities and skills that are most relevant to the position they are seeking to fill.

Get That Interview!

An effective cover letter captures the reader’s attention and creates strong interest in learning more about you by reading your resume, ultimately leading to an interview. When ResumeSOS writes your resume, included in the basic service is either a prototype (example) of how your cover letter should be structured, or we can write a letter targeting a specific position that you wish to pursue.

Is a Thank-You Letter / Email Really Necessary?

Yes! Assuming you want to keep your name in front of hiring decision-makers...

A compelling, thoughtfully crafted thank-you letter is a vital component of creating a positive impression. This powerful follow-up message integrates what you have learned during the interview process and includes a more refined, informed statement of specifically how you see your strengths contributing to the prospective employer’s success.

Promptly sending a meaningful thank-you letter to each individual with whom you spoke during the interview process will distinguish you from the competition and set the stage for next steps in the hiring process. Depending on the corporate culture of the prospective employer, your thank you can either be a typed letter, an e-mail message, or even (in some circumstances) a handwritten note. Contact ResumeSOS as soon as you leave the interview and we can help you craft your thank you message. 

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Success starts with a memorable, well-crafted resume and cover letter. At ResumeSOS, we’ll make sure you have exactly that, as well as the perfect thank-you letter to send after you’ve completed the interview process. Contact us today for more information on the career services we offer.